The object of the Club is to encourage, improve and protect the breed standard of the Redcap fowl.   Also to endeavour to obtain classes, efficient judging at shows, deter fraudulent practices and to provide the best advice on all relevant matters for members.    In the recorded history since 1911, the club has lapsed and been revived at least twice.   There is evidence of a club being in existence in 1890 but the birth of the first club has yet to be traced.

The Feathered World year books for 1923 and 1924 record good years for the Club    At Bakewell in 1923, there were 98 birds entered in eight classes.   It is interesting to note Harry Slack of New Barns, Hollinsclough, Buxton advertising a continuous strain since 1886.

From 1957 to 1976, nearly twenty years, the Derbyshire Redcap Club ceased to exist, of course, Redcaps continued to be kept and bred but what activity there was in the show world is unknown.   And  so to 1976 when on the initiative of Mr. Syd Brassington and Mr. Fred Kitchen, the Derbyshire Redcap Club was formed and continues as we know it today.

With members in each county of the United Kingdom you should never to too far away from a Derbyshire Redcap.   The club has a healthy membership and there is much interest worldwide particularly in Australia.   The Club has twelve trophies for members to compete for during the year, these are presented at the Annual General Meeting when our active committee reports to members in a Derbyshire public house.